Do you deliver?

Absolutely! Delivery within the Killeen area (Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove) is a flat $15 fee. Outside the Killeen area is as follows:

Temple/Belton: $25

Waco: $40

Round Rock: $50

Austin: $60

Other areas in Texas, please contact me for a delivery quote. Sorry, but I do not ship my cakes.


Can I pick up my cake?

Simple one tier cakes can be picked up. However, tiered cakes as well as 3-dimensional cakes will be delivered to ensure they arrive to the final destination in one piece. Some smaller 3D and 2D cakes can be picked up.



Please note that once we schedule a delivery, it is imperative that someone is available to accept delivery of your cake at the agreed upon time. We schedule deliveries based on availability and if you are late accepting or picking up your cake, it can delay other deliveries, (not a good thing). Likewise, if you have scheduled a time to pickup your cake, please be on time. I cannot risk being late to another event because of a late pickup, so please be mindful of my time and yours.

How much does a custom cake cost anyway?

Several factors are involved in cake pricing: the time I expect to spend on your cake, ingredients, number of servings and the difficulty of the cake design. Each and every cake is handcrafted to order and I spend several hours on each cake. In addition, there is a lot of planning that goes into the design of each cake. I take all of this into consideration when pricing cakes. Remember when ordering a custom cake, you are not just paying for cake ingredients. You are paying for expertise, labor, and the time it takes to turn sugar, flour and eggs into an edible work of art. In general, custom tiered cakes start at $125 and custom 3D cakes start at $200. Extra charges may be applied for intricate design elements and 3D/sculpted cakes.


Do you offer tastings?

But of course! At this time, cake tastings are free. I will provide 4 flavors of cake for you to sample, and you may bring up to 2 people to your tasting along with you. Tastings are in my lovely Killeen home.

If you are interested in a complimentary tasting for your wedding or other special event, please contact me.


How big is a serving size?

The servings sizes shown below are larger than what you would find at most bakeries. Cake should be enjoyed, don’t you think? Each cake is two layers, 2 inches each. So one cake slice is 4 inches tall. You will be able to serve your guests generous portions, and not just a bite or two.

6+8 25 $125
6+9 30 $135
6+10 38 $170
4+6+8 29 $150
6+8+10 53 $200
6+9+12 75 $350
4+6+8+10 56 $249
6+8+10+12 98 $425
4+6+8+10+12 101 $500
3+6+9+12+15 157 $695
6+8+10+12+14 163 $750
6+8 33 $150
6+9 39 $175
6+8+10 73 $328
6+9+12 99 $445
6+8+10+12 133 $556
6+9+12+15 199 $797
6+8+10+12+14  217 $950

How far in advance should I book my cake?

When ordering a custom cake, a minimum of 2-4 weeks advance notice is recommended (and appreciated!), although not required. Keep in mind that I run a small cake shop, and have very limited availability. Because of my limited availability, I suggest you book your cake as far in advance as possible. Occasionally, I am able to accommodate last minute orders.

What do your cakes taste like?

I know what you’re thinking. “Those cakes look good, but I bet they taste like day-old cornbread.” Not so. I bake using only freshly bought, high quality, premium brand ingredients. No cheap stuff here. Every cake is baked fresh to order. And as a result, my cakes are delicious. But don’t take my word for it; have a gander at my customer praises for proof.

What type of frostings do you use on your cakes?

Each cake is filled with a generous amount of old fashioned buttercream (who doesn’t love buttercream?!) and then covered in chocolate or white chocolate ganache. Then, a thin layer of fondant is applied. I find fondant is the best canvas for my custom cakes and provides a super smooth finish. Those of you who have tasted the traditional store bought fondant may have decided that it was not all that tasty (I must say, I agree). Not to worry though, I make my own fondant from scratch using fresh marshmallows. It is vanilla flavored so as not to compete with the flavors of your cake. Everyone who I have spoken with loves it, even die-hard anti-fondant critics

Do you sell cupcakes?

Cupcakes are available with the purchase of a cake order and are sold in quantities of 12. Cupcakes are topped with your choice of buttercream or fondant and decorated to match your custom cake. Pricing for cupcakes start at $2 each.

Where are you located?

Viola’s Cakes is currently located in Killeen, Texas. I operate legally under the current Texas Cottage Food Law. Your baked goods are prepared in my home’s kitchen with the highest attention to safety and quality.


About Violas Cakes

HI there! My name is Viola and I specialize in creating custom cakes for every occasion! I am located in Sunny Central Texas in Killeen and currently serve the entire CENTEX community with yummy beautiful cakes. My custom cakes not only look great, but taste awesome too! I am passionate about what I do and this is reflected in my personal attention to detail. Please thoroughly enjoy browsing my website.